Mission 2014


Get Baichung Bhutia! Sports bring everybody together be it from any caste, religion or sex.

Make him the candidate from the only LS seat from his home state Sikkim. Football is a religion in NE just as cricket in heartland of India. Bringing him will give a face to BJP in the NE when it gets to ground for election rallies. His impact will be huge, whether he manages to get BJP seats in other NE states or not is a different story but he will give a solid boost to BJP in NE and consider the seat from Sikkim in your kitty!! I believe his impact in other NE states can help BJP earn seats in other NE states too!!

HOW To BRING HIM: He currently runs a club United Sikkim & also holds a job in AIFF. Modiji should tell him personally how he feels about Indian sports & how he wants to see Indian Football on World Map & wants him to be the “Father of Football”in India. He’s a born leader and would definitely take the offer provided you pitch better. Modiji is a pro at it.

Result: You got 1 seat from Sikkim with great chances to win Arunachal, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura  & Assam


SALMAN KHAN: Get Salman to do Vibrant Gujarat/United Gujarat Ad. This will make you more popular among your detractors. Salman holds a great place in heart of large population of India. He’s a symbol of secularism & unity with his strong bonding with his family.They celebrate all festivals, his mother is hindu, sister is married to hindu, sister-in-laws are hindu .He’s a rage among lower & middle class and among muslim population from laborer to a person earning in 6 figures.

HOW TO GET HIM: Salman is a person of pure feelings & heart. He’s just like you. How?

1.You both are haunted by your past.

2.You both are on media’s target & media has painted a bad-boy image of you both.

3.You both have progressed against all odds, Salman through Being Human & you through national service.

4.Both are forthright & call a spade a spade.

5.Both are rage among masses.

Tell him how you see yourself in him.. tell him he’s being troubled by court cases that have nothing to them & you could help, if come to power. Discuss things through a meeting and with right approach he’ll melt bcoz he has heart of gold. More over his father Salim Khan is also fond of you.

RESULT: Muslims will be forced to rethink and perception of potential allies,media will definitely change.. Don’t think it will cause much Muslim vote swing towards BJP but seeking allies will become easier due to “appeal of Salman led campaign”

WEST BENGAL: Try and make Sourav Ganguly the incharge of West Bengal BJP. He just loves leading. Promise him a place in Cabinet if BJP wins, show huge interest in him and pitch well,Arun Jaitley can help,infact seek Jaitley’s help in bringing in other crickets too that I have mentioned below. Ganguly will provide an acceptance for BJP in Bengal and will promise atleast a LS seat & would help in seeking allies not just Mamta in WB but across India too because having a former captain in your kitty who’s loved by all is huge.

KARNATAKA: You have to bring back Yedurappa, that’s a given. But BJP needs to bring back it’s credibility in the state. Try bringing in Anil Kumble. He’s an honest man,has interest in administration & bringing a change. He left a lucrative position in  BCCI because his ideas for improving cricket were not addressed. Show him faith & how you need his help for a change, there’s a huge chance that he would come. Also try Rahul Dravid in Karnataka & VVS Laxman in Andhra Pradesh.

MUMBAI: Work your ass off to bring MNS & Shiv Sena together. Udhav must understand he sucks & give Raj a chance & Raj must promise to groom Aditya & project him when time comes. Bring Nana Patekar, he’s loved by Marathi’s,can provide 1 LS seat. Kirron Kher must also get a chance.

HIMACHAL PRADESH & HARAYANA: Preity Zinta’s & Mallika Sherawat’s bollywood career has all but ended. They both have expressed like for Modiji. You can project them or atleast use them for rallies.

JHARKHAND: If you could bring in Mahendra Singh Dhoni to share the stage with Modi & BJP leaders, it would be a huge plus in Bihar & Jharkhand combined.

PUNJAB: Have heard Sunny Deol is fighting from Ludhiana opposite Tiwari. If true it would be awesome!! If not,then try Jaswinder Bhalla. He a comedian from Ludhiana,aged, is there in almost all Punjabi movies.He’s loved across Punjab..Has political ambitions and has done satire too.


UP & BIHAR:You can try Manoj Bajyepae from UP and Prakash Jha from Bihar. Both of them have political ambitions and are loved by all. Though Prakash Jha has lost consecutive elections from different parties but could be 3rd time lucky!!!

TAMILNADU: Though almost impossible but you can try Vishwanathan Anand.

KERALA: Get Mohan Lal.It looks impossible too..but if you get him believe me you would conquer Kerala. He a mega-mega star in Malayalam industry and is worshipped like Rajni!!

 Summary: Bhutia,Ganguly,Kumble,Salman-  These 4 are achievable and maximum impact guys.Target them &try bringing them at any  cost!!!!!!!!!!

About writer: I am a common man, an engineer by profession. What’s special about me is that if I focus on any field for an ample amount of time,I can provide invaluable advice. My zodiac sign is cancer,so intuition comes naturally. I have predicted almost impossible results through intuition several times.







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